ThundersportGB - 2021 Season Spring Update
Yes, we're pretty sure you're all fed up with updates and just want to get racing again...
Well trust me, so do we!
At least now we seem to have a little more clarity on the situation, even if the exact dates may yet "slip" a little, according to the government themselves.
Cutting through all the dross, the key part for us is the commencement of Stage 2, because that is when multi-day events with overnight stays will be permitted.
That is currently scheduled for 12th April, but even if it slips a little it should not adversely affect our 1st-3rd May event at Snetterton.
In the past where things have slipped in these official timetables it has been only by a week or sometimes a fortnight, which would still only take us to 26th April (so it's really like age - just a number).
Do not be confused by reading just the pretty graphics in the media releases, as they do not have the detail in proper perspective.
Many social media posts are going round and round in circles in this respect at the moment. Ignore them.
The full texts of the Government's Official Covid 19 Spring Statement can be viewed via this link if you're REALLY interested:
(Official Government Document in full)
The points in the government statement that directly relate to what we do are contained in sections 102 and 110.
We also have an ACU Road Race Committee meeting on Thursday 25th February in the evening where any issues will be discussed and resolved.
We have already been in touch with our colleagues at the ACU and other clubs right across the UK and our view of the situation seems to be universally accepted in all 4 home nations.
So, we are very sorry that Brands Hatch CANNOT happen, but we are confident that 7 out of our scheduled 8 events WILL however be able to go ahead as planned.
You will all receive an email update when entries go live for Snetterton (hopefully 1st April) and if there are any issues which arise that are not detailed above.
ACU school days have not yet been rescheduled and we will send out information on any arrangements of availability as soon as they are finalised.
Thank you for your patience...
Stuart Bailey says he and his entire Technical Team expect to see the bikes polished to within an inch of their lives at Snetterton.
We look forward to seeing you all in sunny Snetterton on May Bank Holiday.
...........'Happy Days' are back, let's go racing!

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