17th March 2020


This is one of the most difficult, yet also in some ways the simplest, notices we have ever had to distribute.


CANCELLATION – BRANDS HATCH 27th to 29th March 2020

Unfortunately, due to the latest government advice, we are forced to concede defeat and cancel our Brands Hatch event.
We cannot responsibly ignore the pleas of the NHS to avoid placing any extra burdens on their staff or physical resources.

Even if there are currently clever ways of getting around the current “recommendations” it is not right or ethical to do so.

It is true that we have our own private medical resources of 6 fully kitted ambulances, 4 front line Paramedics and 4 Trauma Doctors at the circuit, but once they have dealt with the immediate aftermath of a trackside incident we must then send that patient on to the nearest A&E centre, which involves using their valuable resources.

In the event of a serious accident, we could potentially be taking up not only vital bed space, but perhaps even one of the desperately needed ventilators that we know the NHS will need in the forthcoming period.

This is where common sense and decency has to come to the fore, regardless of the financial exposure we might encounter as organisers as a result of cancellation.

It is also an important part of our social responsibility to not only free up those private medical resources, but also to protect all of our competitors, volunteers and service providers by not asking them to drive great distances in this period of travel restrictions. Some of whom have been told to stay at home.

We have not taken this decision lightly, but feel that it is important to prioritise peoples real lives and security over and above the desire we all have to go racing and enjoy ourselves.


Nobody currently knows what other measures might be put in place in the coming weeks and months, but we intend to keep a flexible and fluid outlook on the situation. It is our intention to give a bi-weekly update to all competitors, volunteers and service providers as to the ongoing situation and when racing activities might recommence.

We are fully prepared to restart the season at very short notice should the travel restrictions and state of emergency be lifted.


Realistically, I personally think we are looking at a break of several months with no racing. I understand that is probably not what you want to be reading, but I believe in treating you all with the respect of absolute honesty.



In line with our previous email to all entrants for Brands Hatch, I reiterate the following:
Despite the “Force Majuere” nature of this cancellation, we will not enforce the part of the regulations that state “No refunds will be given”. We value your support and do not wish anyone to lose out financially.
We will therefore refund your payments by re-crediting the card used for payment minus a £20 administration fee in accordance with the aforesaid email over the forthcoming days.
For subsequent events, no payments have been taken and they WILL NOT be processed until the meeting concerned is 100% guaranteed to take place in a safe and responsible fashion.
Although this obviously has potentially large financial implications for us as an organisation, anyone who has read any of our programme articles will not be surprised that we have diligently prepared for shocks like this.
As such, I can reveal that we are fiscally robust enough and have invested in reserves that will enable us to weather the storm and ride out the oncoming crisis.
As you know, we are just 4 ordinary people who run motorcycle events largely because we love the sport, that love will not vanish and we are already extremely keen to get going again as soon as it is safe and ethical to do so.
Please look after your families and friends during this difficult time and perhaps the vulnerable that live in your communities.
We look forward to seeing you all again at a race circuit in more normal times, which are hopefully just around the corner.
Please know that we will do our level best to keep you informed of any relevant updates as soon as they are available.
Kindest Regards
Dave, Bernadette, Syd, Janet & the whole ThundersportGB Team.




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