To all ThundersportGB riders, sponsors & supporters...
Well here we are at the end of possibly the most difficult season any of us can remember.
Even the Foot & Mouth outbreak of 2001 didn't reap anywhere near the havoc that Covid-19 managed and it doesn't seem to be quite done with us yet.
We are confidently preparing for a return to something like normality in the spring of 2021 though.
Apologies for the long wait since our last bulletin, but we have been waiting to get the correct information on circuit hire rates, insurance and other service provider costs for next year.
I'm sure it will come as no surprise that those costs have all gone up (some by quite a significant margin) but this was not unexpected by us given the tough time that 2020 gave everyone in the business.
The main focus from us has been in trying to figure out how we can absorb as much of the increased costs as possible so that we do not have to pass them on to the riders.
At this point I would like to thank all of our loyal sponsors for their continued support in these difficult times.
Every penny of their support goes directly into the pot so that we can keep the proportion that riders pay to an absolute minimum
(This method of utilising sponsorship funds means that every rider benefits, not just the winners).
Well, the sums are done and if the decimal system hasn't been updated in the 45 years since I passed my 11 plus, I think I've got it sorted.
(For younger readers the 11 plus was kind of like Sats Tests with the added incentive of getting six of the best with the cane if you failed)
We HAD feared that a 25% increase might be on the cards and indeed some costs have gone up by that amount, yet others have been much more reasonable.
We have however managed to restrict increases that have to be passed on to you the riders to less than 3%, which pleases us all immensely!
Our calendar of dates continues to respect a minimum of 4 weeks from one event to the next, with 1 event per month throughout the season.
The nominal April event actually commences on 1st May, but that gives us the Bank Holiday weekend, so it was worthwhile to save everyone another day off work.
Donington Park (Pre-Season Test Day SUNDAY 28th February) = £115
Round 1
Brands Hatch (Test Day - Friday 26th March) = £145
Brands Hatch (Weekend - 27th & 28th March) = £295
Round 2
Snetterton (Test Day - Saturday 1st May) = £135
Snetterton (BH* Weekend - 2nd & 3rd May) = £265
Round 3
Cadwell Park (Test Day - Saturday 29th May) = £135
Cadwell Park (BH* Weekend - 30th & 31st May) = £265
Round 4
Mallory Park (Test Day - Friday 25th June) = £135
Mallory Park (Weekend - 26th & 27th June) = £265
Round 5
Donington Park (Test Day - Friday 23rd July) = £145
Donington Park (Weekend - 24th & 25th July) = £295
Round 6
Anglesey (Test Day - Saturday 28th August) = £135
Anglesey (BH* Weekend - 29th & 30th August) = £265
Round 7
Oulton Park (Test Day - Friday 24th September) = £145
Oulton Park (Race Day - Saturday 25th September) = £190
Round 8
Cadwell Park (Test Day - Friday 15th October) = £135
Cadwell Park (Weekend - 16th & 17th October) = £265
To save you adding it up, the totals for a full season are:-
Testing = £1,110
Racing = £2105 (Standard Registration)
Racing = £1,945 (Premier Registration)
In the coming season we will be opening events approximately 5 weeks prior to the test day with priority given to riders contesting the championship as usual.
Garage booking days will be on a Tuesday 3 weeks prior to the event as usual and you will be sent a list of booking days & times prior to the season.
I expect Entry Forms for round 1 to go live on or around February 20th and all registered riders will receive a reminder nearer the time.
If you haven't yet registered, the form is now live in the document centre (or behind the 'ENTER ONLINE' tab on the website front page).
The 2021 ACU Licence online system is also live now.
Please be aware that there have been staff cut backs at the ACU, so early application for your licence will hopefully avoid any delays for you.
We wish you all the very best over winter and look forward to seeing you all in a brighter New Year.
Kind Regards
Dave, Bernadette, Syd, Janet & the whole Thundersport Team